Caspian Portfolio Management System

All your data, one location

Product Benefits

We track it all

Your portfolio is the result of thousands of hours of research, analysis and hard work, and we track it all. It’s part of a hands-off system that manages the software, the hardware, the data feeds, the integrations — everything that pulls you away.

It’s your data

See all of it in one place. Look at it any way you want. Create fully customizable, drag-and-drop portfolio views within seconds. See all of your positions across portfolios on one screen. Zero in on the exact view and level of detail you want.

View historical information about your portfolio

For example: view position, P&L, or indicators within any time frame within seconds. It’s all built in.

Customise your views on your portfolios

Scales seamlessly as your fund grows

Key Features

Real-time and historical P&L over any time interval

Customise your views on your portfolios

Real-time monitoring of positions across exchanges and wallets

Fully integrated with OEMS, PMS, Risk and Reporting

Available reporting module with suite of reports

Scales seamlessly as your fund grows


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