Caspian partners with CoinRoutes to become leading algorithm provider in crypto

Hong Kong, November 12, Caspian, the full-stack crypto trading and portfolio management platform for institutional investors and sophisticated traders, today announced it will partner with CoinRoutes to offer their sophisticated trading algorithms to the market.

The new partnership will enable CoinRoutes clients to gain access to Caspian’s leading suite of institutional grade trading solutions that include: OEMS, PMS, ability to trade derivatives, and detailed compliance reporting tools. Caspian clients will now be able to use CoinRoutes vast trading algorithms directly and seamlessly.

Robert Dykes, CEO of Caspian commented: “We are very happy to announce our partnership with CoinRoutes, as a vendor and exchange neutral provider we are always looking at ways to improve access to crypto trading for institutional investors. This partnership with CoinRoutes will help to attract more sophisticated investors to the industry and ultimately provide better access to a wider range of digital trading algorithms”

CoinRoutes is one of the leading providers of algorithmic trading strategies and market data for digital assets. The platform sources thousands of price levels across more than 40 exchanges and liquidity providers.  CoinRoutes offers a full suite of algorithmic trading solutions with detailed data analytics.

Dave Weisberger, CEO, CoinRoutes stated “The partnership with Caspian will help our clients to go beyond Best Execution. Now, they can make use of a sophisticated compliance engine, detailed reporting and their leading OEMS and PMS integrated into a single platform with CoinRoutes best-in-class trading algorithms.” 

Caspian and CoinRoutes are at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading, and both are consistently trying to break barriers to entry for institutional participation in crypto. The partnership between these two significant industry players should help traders to execute more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Caspian launched in March 2018 with its first-of-a-kind cryptocurrency investment platform that covers the entire lifecycle of a trade. Today, it provides a single interface into over 30 spot exchanges and seven derivatives exchanges from a single interface, a complete suite of sophisticated trading algorithms, real-time and historical PNL and exposure tracking and is known for its leading professional customer service. 

About Caspian

Caspian is a full-stack crypto asset management platform tying together the biggest crypto exchanges and OTC desks in a single interface. The platform offers compliance, trading, algorithms, portfolio and risk management, and reporting. Led by an experienced team of developers Caspian is building an ecosystem that enables sophisticated traders to operate more efficiently and improve their performance. For more information, please visit:

About CoinRoutes

CoinRoutes is a leading provider of algorithmic trading strategies and market data for crypto / digital assets.  CoinRoutes software, built from the ground up for digital assets, provides consolidated Market Data & Algorithmic trading that intelligently accesses liquidity 24/7 with a range of unique order types.  CoinRoutes sources thousands of price levels, for hundreds of pairs. Traders are empowered by our real-time, fee-inclusive trading benchmarks (CoinRoutes RealPrice tm) and our patent pending filtered Consolidated Best Bid and Offer (CBBO) – all via APIs.  For more information, please visit