UPDATE — Caspian’s Token Sale Begins on Wednesday 3rd of October

With the successful completion of our pre-sale raising USD 16 million, we are pleased to officially announce that Caspian’s public token sale will begin on Wednesday 3rd of October 9:00 am BST.

During that time, members of our community will be invited to purchase our token, CSP, which enhances participation in Caspian’s first-of-its-kind platform for professional traders.

Through the hard work of our outstanding development team, as well as through the partnerships we have established including, Galaxy Digital, BlockTower, and Octagon Strategy, Caspian is built on the strongest of foundations to succeed and is currently connected to over 24 exchanges. Caspian has on-boarded 15 customers including Kenetic, Techemy, Octagon, and Galaxy, with an additional 170 potential customers who are eagerly awaiting to join the platform.

Basic details of the token sale are as follows:

  • The public sale will begin on Wednesday, 3 October 9:00 am BST and conclude on Friday, 5 October at 12:00 am BST.
  • There will be a whitelisting and KYC process. We will provide instructions on this blog ahead of the start of the sale.
  • Unfortunately, individuals based in the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, and Japan will not be eligible to participate.

Token details:

  • Our hard cap will be USD 19.5m
  • Public sale price for 1 CSP = USD 0.04875
  • 40% of the token supply is being sold in the token sale
  • Total tokens for sale will be 400m CSP

Important Reminder: Caspian will never contact you individually or ask you to send funds to a third-party wallet. Any such requests you receive are not from Caspian and should be ignored. All instructions on participating in the public sale will come through the Caspian website.

Everyone in our community will have a chance to sign up and apply to be whitelisted. Everyone who passes the whitelisting and KYC process will have the opportunity to purchase tokens.

The public token sale represents an important milestone in Caspian’s growth toward building the most trusted platform for professional crypto trading. Stay tuned for further updates on the public token sale by following us on Medium and Telegram.

Meet the Caspian team on:

Website: https://caspian.tech/

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About Caspian

Caspian is a full-stack cryptoasset management platform tying together the biggest crypto exchanges in a single interface, so as to facilitate investments in crypto instruments for newcomers and veterans alike. The joint venture between heavyweights Tora and Kenetic brings to the table a wealth of experience in asset management, accumulated over decades of building and operating trading platforms and technologies