Caspian’s Public Sale Details

Now that the whitelisting process for Caspian’s public token sale has concluded, we are focussing on the public sale. Many of you have been asking about specific details related to the sale, and we are happy to share our answers to the most popular questions below:

When will the ETH address be available, and where can I find it?

The ETH address will be published as soon as the sale begins. It will appear on your KYC dashboard.

How will the price of CSP relative to ETH be determined, and when will the price be announced?

The CSP/ETH price peg will be announced one day before the public sale begins. This will be the CSP/ETH price peg for the entirety of the public sale. To calculate it, we will take the EOD price from Tradeblock 12 hours before the sale starts. We have chosen to use Tradeblock because it provides a real-time, USD-equivalent spot rate for Ethereum. For those interested, a more detailed explanation of their methodology can be found here:

What are the minimum and maximum contributions for every whitelisted individual for the public sale?

The maximum and minimum contributions are different for each day of the public sale. For the first day, there will be a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH and a maximum of 100 ETH. For the second day, the minimum will remain 0.5 ETH but the maximum will be unlimited. (The estimates you have provided during the KYC process are just for our own reference purposes and the actual investible amount is based on the ranges stated above.)

How much CSP is being sold in the public sale?

USD 1.7 million or approx 34 million tokens, at a price 1 CSP = US$0.04875.

Will there be gas limits?

We recommend sending your transaction using at least 150,000 gas limit and 40 gwei.

You may have noticed the raised amount for our presale on the Caspian website has been adjusted from USD 16 million to USD 17.7 million. This figure now incorporates the bonuses received by the presale investors. The amount we aim to raise in the public sale is USD 1.7 million.

Please contact us through Telegram with additional questions. We are excited to have you participate in the public sale and thank you for your support of Caspian.

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