ANNOUNCEMENT: CSP/ETH Peg for Caspian’s Public Sale

With Caspian’s public sale set to begin in about 12 hours, we are pleased to announce the CSP/ETH will be 1 ETH = 4,189.95 CSP. The public will begin on Wednesday, 17 October 9:00 am BST and will conclude 48 hours later on Friday, 19 October at 9:00 am BST.

This will be the CSP/ETH price peg for the entirety of the public sale. To calculate it, we will take the 9:00 pm BST price from Tradeblock, 12 hours before the sale began. We have chosen to use Tradeblock because it provides a real-time, USD-equivalent spot rate for Ethereum. For those interested, a more detailed explanation of their methodology can be found here:

The maximum and minimum contributions are different for each day of the public sale and will be as follows: for the first day, there will be a minimum contribution of 0.5 ETH and a maximum of 100 ETH. For the second day, the minimum will remain 0.5 ETH but the maximum will be unlimited. Please note that the second day will begin on Thursday, 18 October at 9:00 am BST. If there is anything remaining on the second day, those who purchased the maximum limit of 100 ETH will be able to participate again on the second day.

In the public sale, we will sell USD 1.8 million or approximately 37 million tokens. We recommend sending your transaction using at least 150,000 gas limit and 40 gwei.

We will never send you any direct messages regarding details of the sale, and we will not request public contributions before Wednesday, 17 October 9:00 am BST. All details and main communication channels will be released through our official Website, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram. If you have any issues during the public sale, please reach out to us at [email protected] or through Telegram. Please only share your questions in Telegram with one of the group admins, a full list of their handles and a schedule of who is available is listed in the pinned message.

We are excited to have you participate in the public sale and thank you for your support of Caspian!